Our Tips:

Before you bring your kitten home make sure you have all the necessary items it will need.

Cat Food

A premium quality brand is the best. Select one for the appropriate age of your cat, i.e. kitten food variety for kittens.

There are many premium brands of food on the market which are especially made for kittens. It is best to stick with the food your kitten has been eating in its previous home, Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain formula dry food.

If you want to change to another brand, do so gradually so you don’t cause a digestive upset. Never give your kitten cow’s milk as it is not easily digested by cats.

Food/water bowls: You can buy cheap plastic, metal, ceramic, automatic or even drinking fountains. Our personal favorite is stainless steel as it can be easily cleaned and won’t leach any toxins as some plastic bowls might.

Litter Pan & Cat Litter

There are a wide variety of cat litters on the market these days, some better than others.. Litter trays come in all shapes & sizes such as self-cleaning, covered (or hooded), and un-covered.

We recommend a clumping litter for our kittens such as Tidy Cat. If changing over to another type of litter; you should mix the clumping litter with the new litter for a period of time until the kitten adjusts.

Scratching Post

Cats have a need to scratch & enjoy scratching.

Providing your cat with its own scratching post will reduce the chances of your cat using your furniture or carpet.

Cat Bed & Carrier

Cat bed: There is a vast array of cat beds on the market from relatively plain to fancy. A kitten will do just fine with a cardboard box & a soft blanket or a specially made cat bed; you are only limited by your own budget, taste & imagination.

Cat carrier: For trips to the vet, groomer, or in case of an emergency. If your kitten is being shipped you will receive one with your kitten.

Your kitten may be unsettled for a few days and miss its mother and littermates. So it is up to you to help ease the kittens transition into your new home.

Once your new kitten arrives home, confine your kitten to one room with a litter tray, food, water and a comfortable bed. A plastic cat carrier with the door propped open works very well for this purpose.

Give him/her some time to become familiar with their surroundings. Cats are fastidiously clean animals and it is necessary to make sure the
food and water bowls be kept as far away from the litter tray as possible.

After a few days and when the kitten is well settled, you can gradually increase the area your kitten can explore.

Let your new kitten settle in before you attempt to introduce it to other pets you have.

The introduction needs to be slow and at each of the animals pace. Some pets will become firm friends almost immediately, however, it is common for resident pets to be upset at the arrival of a new pet for a few days.

This is completely normal behavior and needs to be met with sensitivity and understanding. The worst thing you can do is rush the situation.

We like to introduce a new kitten to other cats while playing with a toy, it distracts each of the animals from being intensely interested in one another and they learn quickly that their new companion is fun.

Not only is it important to kitten proof your home but it is also strongly urged that you check out the list of plants that are toxic & non-toxic to cats. If you have plants that are toxic to cats ensure they are out of reach.

There are safe alternatives for your kitten to nibble on should they want some greenery. See attached link for a list of non-poisonous plants.